Our activities offer new fun experiences for people to improve their independence skills, increase their health and well being and fitness levels. We support our customers in small group settings to take part in activities that are of interest to them. We encourage people to flourish, become more confident in decision making and increase their independence. All activities are inclusion orientated and are specifically geared towards assisting individuals to achieve the outcomes they want to. All of our customers are working towards a level of independence and have an individual achievement and development programme.

As a team we support our customers to take part in a range of activities ranging from Life Skills, Community and Voluntary activities, Health and Well Being and Fitness sessions. All activities are developed to offer new and interesting experiences whilst supporting people to achieve their own life goals. We work alongside families, carers and other organisations.

Short Breaks

Opportunities to go on short breaks at various locations with people who have shared interest.

What you can do at Active Support

  • Increase your independence (living skills)
  • Become fitter – Lots of activities to choose from including football, swimming, box ability
  • Take part in social activities – Short Mat Bowls, Tenpin Bowling, Snooker, Pool, Cinema, Laser Quest
  • Vocational recreational learning opportunities and experiences

All of our activities are risk assessed.

Activities Benefits

  • Choice and Empowerment
  • Improve choice and control in your own life
  • Develop your independence
  • Realise your potential

Before joining us, Ragi was not a confident person and was reluctant to speak out and to make decisions. As a result of being a part of the group he is now able to choose to take part in activities that are of an interest to him. He feels more in control of his life. He has participated in his own development plan and enjoys new experiences, planning and going on short breaks with the group something he had never done before. Ragi is a very active member of our customer meetings now he has found his voice.

Stevie expressed an interest in boxing after a group discussion and discovering that there were other people who were also interested in trying something new, we contacted a local gym and after taking part in a taster session a new group has developed with One Nation Community Boxing Club to meet our needs and interests called Box Ability. Stevie now attends with support, he has had an opportunity to make new friends. His fitness and co-ordination levels have increased.

Having never had the opportunity to try swimming before, Binda said he would like to, having the right support in place made it possible for him to join a small swimming group, he began using various swimming aids and is now able to swim nearly a width unaided. He really looks forward to his session and has a real sense of achievement "Go Binda"